When we talk about gaining muscles, there are tons of ways around the internet to make it happen. But every approach is not the right approach. Here we’ll be discussing 5 Ways to Healthy Lean Muscle Gain. So without wasting your time, let’s jump straight into the topic:

High Protein Diet

high protein diet foodWell, you have to keep this in mind that Proteins are the building blocks of your quality muscles. So the protein intake in your diet should be high. I often see people they don’t really track their protein intake and they think that they are having enough protein as per their body requirement. But let me make it very clear that if you are on a lean muscle gain program you have to take 1gm to 2gm protein per pound of your body weight to gain lean muscles fast and in a healthy way.

Generally you have to be very specific while preparing your meals for protein’s right proportion. If you don’t want to do it yourself, you can definitely go for any Meal Delivery Service. There are plenty of good meal delivery service providers such as Meal Prep Los Angeles. Apart from this Protein is quite essential for our hair growth also. Make sure to have some high protein breakfast so that you can feel full for a longer period of time.

Enough Water

Now the second requirement is consuming enough water. You have to consume around 3 to 4 liters of water every day. Water doesn’t have any calorie in it but it helps us to gain lean muscles in many ways. Water keeps our digestion good and it also helps the body to detoxify itself. But not only having enough water is sufficient but having it at the right time is also a major thing to be considered. You have to monitor the timing of drinking water.

glass of water

You can’t drink water just before or after your meals. Make at least 30 minutes gap while having water before or after your meals. To flush out all the toxins from the body the best time to have water is in morning also. You can have full 1-2 glass of water with empty stomach and that will do the magic.

Avoid Sugar

Now you have to be very strict with sugar intake while lean mass gain. You can’t have sugar in excess amount as it will only make fat. Sugar includes all the edibles like sweets, ice cream, soft drinks etc. I see many people saying that for gaining muscles one should be in caloric surplus and with this reason they consume calories in forms of sugar and preprocessed food also. But that is absolutely wrong.

chocolate and vanilla ice cream

There are two kinds of Bulking or mass gain methods: Healthy Mass Gain and Dirty Mass Gain. When you choose bad foods over good ones just to have a big amount of calories, you gain Dirty Mass. Dirty Mass can also be called as fat. Now you have to understand it very clearly that bad FAT is not a good thing to have any time. No matter it’s a lean mass gain or bulking or just mass gain. So Eat Clean and Healthy.

Good Sleep and Rest

While you are on a schedule of gaining lean mass, you must be working hard in the gym and giving extra pain and pressure to your muscles. So it’s very necessary that you give every trained muscle proper rest in order to recover. You can’t train the same muscle without giving it a rest of at least 48 hours. So make sure to plan your exercise routine properly and make such routine that every muscle group can have proper rest.

sleeping peacefully

The other factor is good sleep. Sleep is the most important part of our Fitness. Our broken muscles only repair while we are sleeping. So make sure to have at least 8 hours to sleep to see better in lean muscle gain. If you can’t sleep for 8 hours continuously, then make sure to break these hours at different times in a day but having it every day is mandatory.

Right Way of Training Muscles

Since you are planning to gain lean muscles. It’s really important for you to understand your workout well, so that you can get desired results. Well, while gaining muscles you have to lift heavy weights. But make sure that the maximum repetitions per set should not exceed more that 6-8 times. If it’s going more that this then you certainly need to increase your workout weights. Apart from this I see many beginners lifting too heavy weights but losing their right form of exercise. Make sure to lift heavy as much as possible but with right form of body posture.

muscles training

Always keep this in mind that fitness is 80 percent of your diet and 20 percent of your exercise. So make sure to maintain healthy diet with proper nutrition and balanced macros. If you don’t have enough knowledge or time for monitoring your diet ingredients then you can go for any prep meal deliveries. I personally prefer Meal Prep Delivery Los Angeles for my prep meals but you can choose as per your location and availability. So these are the best 5 ways of gaining lean muscles. Follow these tips and I am sure you will get desired results.

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