Dentistry is possibly one of the most expensive practices in the world. But if you have launched a new dental office and wondering how to get patients walking in from the door, it may be a little difficult to get there. One of the reasons for this is because new dental practices are coming on the rise every year and patients are going to the dentists less and less. 

More competition and fewer patients can seem pretty desolate, but with proper marketing tips and ideas, it can become easier to increase patients walking into your dental facility. 

Here are 13 dental marketing ideas that can help.

1. Creating an engaging website

Every industry is going digital and dentistry is no exception. Create an engaging and interactive website to get more visitors. You need to be sure that you have all the important things in place so you can convert new visitors to new patients. 

Creating good websites requires investment. There is an option to create a homemade webpage with a website development software and saving money, but it won’t be unique for the viewers, nor will it draw attention to your facility. You must remember that you are creating a website that can help your customers easily communicate and book appointments so they don’t have to come to the facility apart from the day of their appointment. Make sure that you highlight all the important features and services you offer to attract and convert more visitors. 

2. Stand out from the crowd

It is important to be the only one who attracts new patients. Depending on your location, there can be several practices in the neighborhood and you need to give them a reason to choose your facility among them. 

What do you offer? A lot of practices go for “luxury dentistry” as a selling point for their facility. Do you have any specialties that you can offer? Perhaps offers such as Cosmetic and family dentist in Tulsa, a hygienic facility for the patients in New York, or free oral checkup for your patients. 

Make your special features prominent in the market. Keep your office technologies current, which can also play as a significant player for marketing your facility. Make sure that the people know that you are using such exceptional, state-of-the-art technologies in your facility. 

3. Focus on getting positive reviews

If you want new patients to choose your practice, positive reviews and testimonials are important. Being a newbie, it is possible you don’t have any reviews, but the trust is nobody will choose a dentist without anything a patient has to say about them. 

Reviews are the number one factor which can make purchase decisions for the visitors. So if you land a few patients to your facility, it is important that you ask for positive reviews for your facility on Yelp or Google. Not just that, add there positive reviews and testimonials to your website so they can see your success and expertise. 

4. Directory listings

To get new dental patients to book an appointment, you need to use directory listing to your benefit. People searching for dental facilities in an online directory are just the kind of people that are your target. They either require a dentist or are looking to switch their previous one. 

Make sure that you have a listing on Yelp, Better business bureau and more. Pay attention to your business listings around the web to determine where you rank and how you can improve it.  If your phone number, address, and name are not consistent, your website will rank lower. 

5. Distribute a press release

If you are a new facility wanting to get the word out in the market, then the press release is your best friend. Send a press release about subjects that can interest people to click and see. Take advantage of anything that is approved by the FDA for new technologies used in dentistry and make your news. There are endless possibilities to create an engaging press release. 

6. Social media marketing

If you want to attract people to your new practice, social media is the best way to do it. Having a presence on social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more to humanize your brand. 

Social media is a potent tool for marketing and attracting viewers. Make sure to reach the audience and attract the readers with engaging posts as well as respond to their comments and queries in real-time. You are not there to advertise your practice but what it is like at your dental practice. Not just that, make sure to monitor your account and understand what you need to make it even better. 

Social media is an essential platform for customer service. So take this opportunity to respond to as many problems as possible to give your business a positive image. 

Marketing is important for any industry. If done right, it can attract many patients to your practice. It is one of the essential sources to grow your business. 

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