When it comes to Autumn/Winter, the weather changes and that means how we look after ourselves has to change too. It’s absolutely stunning outside, with the frost and the orange leaves, and the atmosphere is just amazing at this time of year. I love Autumn and Winter, and all the things these seasons bring. We’ve got Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas and New Year’s – there’s so many awesome things going on!

It also means our makeup and clothes can change a little, and we can move to the darker shades, the plum lipsticks, the black skirts and fluffy, knitted cardigans. I love all that kind of thing, and can’t wait to get my thick tights and boots out! I’ve already got started a little bit – I wore my burgundy corduroy skirt with black tights and boots today, and felt totally in the Autumn mood!

However it is a more difficult time of year when it comes to beauty and taking care of ourselves during the colder months. There are so many things to contend with – it’s cold, wet and windy outside, and we have the heating and lots of layers of clothes on!

It begins with dry skin, crazy windswept hair, ruined makeup and sore lips. We get ill with colds and we have to struggle to go outside with our freshly done hair and makeup! One gust of wind and that’s it – might as well have not bothered taking ten minutes to straighten our hair! I always find my skin gets dryer, my hair lacks bounce and I generally need to take more time to pamper myself – which isn’t really something to complain about!

So, it makes sense to have some beauty hacks up our sleeves to make this time of the year a little easier! I’ve got together my favourites for this time of year, and so I hope they help you when it comes to beauty during the next few months.

Hack 1 – Keeping Moisture In Our Skin

women applying moisturizer

One of the worst effects of the cold and the use of central heating is dehydrated skin. It can make you feel sore and your skin flake, and it makes it very difficult to apply makeup. At this time of year, hydration is your best friend.

An amazing tip to help keep the moisture in your skin is Vaseline!

Once you’ve gone through your evening skincare routine, and you’ve applied your moisturiser, simply apply a layer of Vaseline over your face. It will act as a barrier and stop your skin from losing any further moisturiser! It can make a massive difference to the appearance of your skin! It also helps keeps all of your products on your skin and can improve the efficacy of the ingredients.

Unfortunately, products do evaporate from our skin, but by using this vaseline trick, you can keep those ingredients in your skin!

Hack 2 – Super Soft Lips

soft lips

There’s nothing worse than having sore, dry lips due to the weather. It can make you feel rubbish, and can make it impossible to wear lipstick, which I cannot live without! Taking a bit of time to take care of your lips can make all the difference.

First off, make a scrub of sugar, olive oil or honey, and peppermint essence. I use a toothbrush, and use the scrub to buff my lips really gently. I also use a baby toothbrush because the bristles are really soft!

Once you’ve used the scrub, gently wipe away any excess sugar solution, and then coat your lips in your favourite balm. I tend to do this in the morning before I do my makeup, so that my lips have time to enjoy the balm! If you do it at night before you get into bed, the lip balm can be greasy and get on your pillow. It can then go on your face and your hair and they in turn get greasy too!

Personally I love the Nivea Lip Butters – the blueberry and raspberry ones are my favourites!

[You can also make the lip scrub, put it in pretty jars and give to your family members as presents!]

Hack 3 – Soothing Dry Hands

soothing dry hands

Our hands can end up dry and sore due to the wind and rainy weather, and it can be really annoying! It’s not a good look, and you want to be able to take your gloves off without feeling that your hands aren’t pulling their weight. I’ve recently got engaged too – so I’ve been asked to show my engagement ring to so many people. It’s been more important than ever to make sure my hands are up to scratch!

A great way to keep them super moisturised and to help reduce any cracking or redness, is to use a rich, thick moisturiser such as Aveeno or The Body Shop Body Butters. Absolutely slather your hands with the cream, wrap them in a towel and place near something warm such as a radiator. The heat helps the cream penetrate deep into your skin and the towel stops any of the moisture escaping!

This can be a lovely treat too, just curl up and relax whilst you use this soothing treatment.

Hack 4 – Cuticle Care

Cuticle Care

Along the same lines as the previous hack, the skin around our nails can also get dry in the winter, and this can affect how our nails grow. It can also make you feel scruffy – I know it does for me and it’s one of my biggest annoyances with how my skin deals with the weather!

To combat it, gently massage a good lip balm into your cuticles to help soothe and moisturise them. It will make them look nicer and more healthy, and will improve how your nails grow too! It also saves you from having to buy another product which is great this time of year when we’re saving for Christmas presents!

I love anything that can be used for more than one purpose, so I especially love this hack. I found it out one day when I ended up absent mindedly rubbing in my lip balm into my cuticles, and then saw what a difference it had made!

Hack 5 – Hydrate Dry Hair

When it’s windy and cold outside, our hair can really suffer. It gets stripped of it’s natural oils and the change it temperatures from the cold outside to the heated inside can play havoc with our locks!

For super smooth hair all year round, use a generous amount of coconut oil and apply to hair from mid lengths to the tips. I actually get a spoon and scoop the coconut oil out of the jar, because it’s more of a solid at room temperature! People might think it’s a little strange, but it’s much more hygienic!
Wrap a towel around your head and leave for an hour if possible, and then shower like normal.

It makes a massive difference to how soft and hydrated your hair will feel! It’s another relaxing treatment – I tend to curl up and read a book whilst I’m using this hair mask, and sometimes even do a hydrating face mask at the same time!

I hope these hacks have you on the way to a happier and healthier Autumn and Winter! If you would like more beauty related posts such as reviews, best of’s and brand showcases, please head over to laurajacquesaimh.com to see what’s going on!


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