Pátmos, a place in the Greece that has a volcanic history for its geology is certainly among the most loved destinations to spend vacations. Basalt formations on one side and floating islets on the other can rather leave many poets to give free reins to their imagination. And certainly get the many tourists, from solo travellers to quintessential clients packing to spend time here and never forget the Greece holiday package that had Pátmos in it.

Pátmos of Greece

Exceptionally beautiful place, Pátmos is visited and revisited for its sprawling vistas, extending from Hóra’s Platía Lótza to the Samos, in Turkey with Ikaría, Thýmena and Foúrni islets in between.

Some of the prime attractions you should definitely find for on your Greece holiday package are:


A list of great beaches can be found to relax and sunbath.

The first one is Psilí Ámmos located in south of the Island. The meaning of the name of the beach is “Fine Sand” and spreads in some 200 m. The place is sprinkled with numerous varieties of tamarisks that could be generously used for lying in the shade. Campers can have their fun under pitched tents.

Psilí Ámmos beach

If you seek a bigger beach to make your strolls on the seaside lengthy, Agriolivádi (Agriolívado) is ust for you with 250m of the coastal line. The fine-to-coarse sand particles will keep your feet entertained. The stunning view will keep your eyes and mind occupied for many hours easily. The shallow of the beach makes frolicking in the quite waves easy. You can also get rewarded with music at weekend nights.

Another of the great beaches is Melóï, located in the north-east of the Skála Bay. Reaching the beach is comparatively easier where you can find irresistible reason to snorkel: beds of Posidonia sea-grass offshore.

If you want to enjoy a beach where Greek families often head to in Pátmos, Kámbos it is. Though it is evident that it suffered from the presence of the road just behind, it is quite a popular spot with the attraction of water sports.

Nearby Kámbos is the Lámbi beach, just north to the road junction. The beach is a visual feast made up of multi-coloured multi-patterned pebbles origin of which is considered to be the volcanic. Tourists and locals can hardly resist the temptation to pick among the purple, grey, tan, tawny and pale pebbles even when it is prohibited. (Picking one or two of these as souvenir with your spouse on an exceptional Greek Honeymoon package won’t label you a thief either!)

To the east of Kámbos, is another beach named Vagiá. Considered to be sweet even with a short shoreline (just 150m) to stroll, it boasts of the cleanest water around the area. Spectacular views, delectable snacks at a seasonal café are nothing less than feast here – Find more affordable travel places at Waloops.com.

Hóra and the monasteries

St John monastery is generally the first one among the others to get visited at all days but at different times. Cruising people as well as others are the ones coming here but suggestion is to come wither early or late to avoid milling crowd of the tourists. The church itself along with its courtyard, treasury, museum and medieval frescos has a history that includes martyrdom of 40 monks freezing to death in an Anatolian lake. Many things of amusement can catch your fancy.

St John monastery

The smaller monastery of the Apocalypse is known to be situated where John the Divine is believed to have heard the voice of God. Located halfway down the hill from Hóra, the monastery is surrounded by a village that came up around the St John monastery battlements, that make people remember Crete architecture beauty of which seem to be enhanced manifold at night. The multi-storey Nikolaïdes Mansion is open to people who are to visit the place.

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