Invented in 2003 by the Chinese pharmacist Hon Link, electronic cigarettes have become increasingly popular as a valid substitute for the traditional model. They are often preferred to other solutions, such as patches or nicotine gums, precisely because they allow you to perform the same gesture that is usually done when smoking.


 The marketing of electronic cigarettes, first in China since 2004 and in the West since 2012, has given rise to a real business that is also producing positive effects on the health of smokers.

In fact, his inventor filed the patent in 2003 with the aim of helping inveterate smokers like him reduce smoking-related diseases after seeing his father die of lung cancer.

Years later, therefore, the invention is paying off and its use among smokers has contributed to the reduction of the lethal effects of smoking on their health, to the point that even the medical and oncological communities approve the use of the cigarette electronics as a tool to quit smoking.

This great result is given by the fact that electronic cigarette e liquid are free of the carcinogenic substances that are released by the combustion of tobacco in the traditional cigarette. In e-cig, in fact, smoking is nothing more than water vapor.

Electronic cigarettes, therefore, simulate the mode of use that is very familiar to hardened smokers, but their operation is totally different. Let’s see what are the characteristics of this product and the liquids it contains.

How does it work?

To understand what we are talking about we must analyze its operation: the electronic cigarette consists of a body containing a battery, usually rechargeable, which powers the vaporizer, allowing it to transform the liquid contained in the cartridge into vapor, in fact.

Just inhale the substance thus released to simulate the gesture of smoking a cigarette. So much is the spread of these tools that a new term has been coined to indicate the inhalation of steam: it is no longer said to smoke but to Voro Vape

It hurts?

We assume that electronic cigarettes, unlike normal ones, do not contain carcinogenic or toxic substances that characterize the tobacco of traditional models. We can therefore say that they are less harmful 

Electronic cigarettes liquids, composition and variants

The substances that make up the liquid contained in electronic cigarettes, and which allow it to function, are normally used also for other daily uses, therefore they are easily available.

This constitutes a clear signal that the e-liquid is not as toxic as burnt tobacco.

The e-cigarette liquid is made of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerol and flavorings. Finally, nicotine is optional and can be inserted with variable dosage to accustom the smoker to gradual reduction, until complete elimination.

The percentages of each ingredient are variable based on the effect you want to achieve during aspiration.

For example, a liquid composed of a higher percentage of glycerin allows to obtain a product that will release a denser and fuller vapor. You can get premium e-liquid for sale

On the contrary, if you increase the percentage of glycerol then you get a liquid with a more intense aroma. Finally, with regard to the aroma, this is another peculiar characteristic that distinguishes the traditional cigarette from the electronic one.

Therefore, smoking an electronic cigarette with flavored liquid is less harmful and much more pleasant. There are many ready-to-use liquids on the market, free of nicotine or with variable dosage, and the growing demand for these products has allowed the creation of businesses parallel to those for the sale of electronic devices. Another advantage of E-liquid uk, in fact, is given by the fact that it is even possible to create your own mixture at home, given the ease of finding the ingredients and the easy processing, with considerable savings in economic terms.

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