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We have listed some of our favorite blogs about health, fitness and natural beauty that won’t disappoint you. I knew in your case you have struggled finding the right source and just wasted your time with those uninformative sites you’ve been through. That is one of my million reasons why I created the blog and decided to make a list of blogs that are worth to follow.

I will add some more in future! 😉

Please Note: The Blogs that was featured here are arrange in no particular order. Every blogs in here was entertaining to read and we are fans of them.



Trail n’ Tresses is a beauty, hair and fitness blog that was created to show the good and beauty of being natural. It is a one stop blog created for your interest from up and coming artists, fashion designers, and product reviews. Meet the co-founder of the blog Shakira and Melissa and learn about their wonderful journey at


Women’s Health is a blog for the people who needs nor want to be physically fit. It shares a lot of ideas and tips that are easy to follow and will make you achieve your desired goals with strong determination and self-discipline. Visit their site for more details at



Type4naturals was founded by a group of friends who has a natural curly hair. They provide tips on how to make your naturally curl hair beautiful. For more tips, visit their site .



Living Pretty Naturally is beauty, nutrition, wellness, travel, DON’Ts and a shopping site. It gives guide for natural skin care, supplements and super-foods, travel guide where you can do 2 things at the same time. They do things in all Natural way. To get to know more of them, just visit their site: .



Holistic Health & Living is a site specifically for health. It gives tips using natural ingredients and tips for preventing serious pain that mostly people experience, especially when aged. For more tips on how to be knowledgeable on what we are experiencing, visit their site:



The Organic Life is a site that promotes healthy living and an environment friendly company. Tara, the CEO of the company, is using organic ingredients for treating her illness and wanted to show and prove others that natural healing can be reliable. Visit their page for more informations:



Women’s Health is a site for fitness, beauty and health. It gives inspiration on how people can be fit by eating healthy, have some exercise and achieving desired body goals. To know more about them, visit them at:



The is a site where people can rely to them when it comes to health, fitness, weightloss and beauty by giving a real life examples/situations. The site also writes for the different kinds of magazines and that proves their reliability and sincerity to help people improve their health. For more information, visit their site



Well+Good is a Lifestyle website where it tackles about fitness, fashion, life, food and travels. It was created by two journalists where on the latter part joined by the others who are also creative and superb. To know more of them, visit them at



Life Time Styles is a site for people who wanted to look stunning, gorgeous and headturner whenever they are around. They are using natural and organic substances for their products where everyone is relying on in these days. For more details, kindly visit their site:





1 Hour Athlete is a site that guides their visitor on training and nutrition. To become physically fit and lose fat using simple diet and a 1 hour exercise per week. They have also lists of events that will surely help people reach their goals. Visit them at .



monica brant

Monica Brant was then a cover girl for Muscle & Fitness Magazine way back 1994 and since then, she remained top female fitness world. Because of that she bacame active in coaching, consulting and helping others achieve a much healthier lifestyle. Visit her at: .



jen selterJen Selter is a very passionate woman when it comes to fitness and helping others. She motivates and share workouts that would definitely help achieve fitness goals. To know her more, visit at .


jenni raincloud

Jenni the owner of Jenni Raincloud encourages her audiences to make oneself a toxic chemical free body. She wanted to share her knowledge to the ladies out there that they can be beautiful and enhance themselves by using all natural products. In her site, she shared her idea of how to make DIY beauty products, What Natural Skin Care and Make ups to buy; Beauty Tips such as Make up tutorials,product reviews and healthy foods recipes as well. To get to know her more, visit her at



life with me

Life with Me site is owned by the TV host, Marianna Hewitt. She shared her personal style, beauty tips and adventures. In this site, she also shared her techniques on how to connect with the viewers in her videos. The site consists of ideas about beauty, styling, traveling, food and of course, health. Visit her site for more details at

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