girl travel aloneThese days, traveling to another city or country has never been so easy and enjoyable. And, what makes it extra memorable is when you are traveling alone.

Yes, traveling by yourself is gaining popularity to travel bloggers, adventure enthusiasts, foreigners, and people want to do soul searching. Have you ever planned to backpack and travel somewhere else alone?

If you are this type of person, planning a journey alone once or twice a year can give you the boost you need all this time. Below, I will tell you the benefits of skipping the group, planning on your own and heading to unknown destinations.

You discover more about yourself.

women in flower crownYes, when you tour alone, you’ll be able to get to know yourself better. Being on your own in a new place that you’re unfamiliar with gives you the opportunity to know what you’re capable of.

When you’re out on the road, there’s no one you can depend on to get a taxi or a rickshaw, carry your bag, or ask directions if you’re heading in the right way.

Traveling alone allows you to overcome your fear, and come out with the best decisions without relying to anyone. It’s like you’re coming out of your shell. You become that little one, who was once full of curiosity, motivation and energy.

You are able to focus what your heart says. Discovering yourself also includes exposing yourself to new experiences, to wander, get lost and finding your way again.

It is relatively cheaper.women in bus traveling alone

When you are alone to visit a new country or city, you can save a lot on your travel budget immensely. Why? You don’t have to consider your friends or family member’s decision where to eat or where to stay.

If you’re a backpacker, you can easily stay in a budget accommodation, dine in local restaurants and get the cheapest mode of transportation. Your pocket wouldn’t be ripped off of additional costs, and instead use it for buying souvenirs or trying out a new adventure.

Traveling alone boosts your self-confidence.

women in backpackWhen you’re out on a journey alone, you’ll discover that you can do things by yourself, without other’s help. You overcome your fear of walking, taking the transportation alone, or even trying out a new adventure.

It helps you to become more organized: from the very beginning, you plan your itinerary, budget and accommodation. You overcome your limitations as traveling alone would expose you to raw experiences.

You’ll be able to solve hurdles and issues that you’ll be encountering. Overall, it makes you want to say, “I never thought I can do that!”

You become independent.

Another benefit you’ll get on traveling alone is you learn to be independent. Since you’re alone, you only have to depend on yourself on making decisions.

You improve your ability to think and exercise your decision-making skills. Definitely, it helps you to go out of your comfort zone. Relying on yourself is very important in life. It could take you further to achieve your goals.

You discover new friends and meet interesting people.

meeting companionImagine when you’re traveling in a group. Most of the time, you would be together everywhere you go. It would be impossible for you to meet other people.

However, when you’re out alone, you become more sociable. You meet other people, who are traveling like you, and get to meet the local people. This gives you the chance to make new friends, and discover the history and people of the place you’re visiting.
You can rest without the guilt.

After a long walk or after visiting the places during the first part of the day, you can proceed to your hostel or hotel to take an afternoon nap without worrying about what your travel buddy would say. You can take a pause and proceed to your next destination on your own pace.

You are able to plan your own route.

girls planPlanning your itinerary alone gives you the opportunity to decide the destinations and route that you want. You don’t have to consider others when it comes to the places they want to visit.

For instance, if you love to see temples in Cambodia, you can explore a number of these: Angkor Wat, Bayon, Preah Khan and more rather than spending time in shopping venues. Planning on your own gives you the chance to discover places you want to see all this time.

You learn to enjoy your own company.

sleeping woman with glassesYou’ll discover that going out on your own gives you time to appreciate what it’s like to be alone. After your solo travel, you would be looking forward to planning more adventures on your own.

When you’re traveling alone, you would find out that a “me time” is all you wanted to reconnect to yourself. Moreover, touring on your own helps you to connect with your spiritual side.

Going out on your own is good for your well-being.

women in grassSome people travel alone to do soul searching. Taking a break from the hustle and bustle city and head to a new location once in a while can help you relax and break free from stress.

It’s good for your well-being because you feel revived, and you feel calmer at the same time. You are able to find balance again and make an exciting comeback.

Visiting a new city or country, seeing the nature, wildlife and tourist spots are good for your soul. It helps you reconnect with the natural world.

You are able to appreciate the experience better.

traveling alone to boost self confidenceAfter your solo trip, you would be able to realize the important things during your travel more. The people you’ve met, the places you visited, the lessons you’ve learned and the friendships you’ve made. All these things would remind you that you did everything on your own.

The memories are more remarkable. Overall, your entire experience is something that you wouldn’t forget in your lifetime.

You get the chance to enhance many of your skills.

women in boatTraveling alone provides you a lot of opportunities. You hone your decision, communication and social skills.

When you go to a new place, you develop your communication skills by learning how to break the language barrier. Talking to the locals gives you the chance to explore on a new language.

You become friendlier as you learn to talk to strangers, other solo travelers and the locals. These experiences teach you valuable lessons that you could use for the rest of your life. Visit for more travel ideas!


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