Covid 19

To understand why there is no vaccine for the virus or when will there be a cure for this vicious virus that causes such high mortality in the entire world in such a short time?

First you need to understand what a virus is, a virus is a virus that is an absolute parasite, which needs its proliferation to host cell enzymatic systems. In other words, he has to go into a cell and take control of the cell’s “good ingredients” and only then will he have fertile soil to reproduce.

Once it multiplies it will take over more cells, of course taking over the cells and using the cell’s resources to continue to proliferate and destroy the cell. Most of the virus-preventing substances also damage the host cells.

Antibiotics are not effective against viruses.

Most viruses do not appear in a light microscope. Only the largest of them, the larger species of their poxviridae, and Mimiviruses) can be seen.

In our case, the COVID-19 virus can enter the upper respiratory tract.

However, the most significant difference is that a DNA virus cannot change and can only enter human cells or only specific animal cells.

NDA viruses can be transmitted and transmitted between animal cells and humans.

In this case, the COVID-19 virus is NDA and it has passed from animals (the virus is found in fish poultry and more ..) to humans because the virus’s transmission and the outbreak occurred just recently the virus has not been studied in-depth and was not worth investing a lot of resources ie money and scientists and researchers for it.

When the virus erupts, a race against time opens because this virus is deadly to humans and the human immune system does not know it and therefore the antibodies in the body take a very long time to get to know it and fight it.

Because the virus attacks the upper respiratory tract it makes it very difficult to breathe. The body floods visibility in the phlegm to eliminate the virus and there is very great difficulty in injecting oxygen into the body, so there is a need for respiratory machines and therefore there is also a lack of respiratory machinery in the entire world.

Vaccination – To develop a vaccine it is necessary to take the virus to isolate it and grow it inside cells using all kinds of methods.

Attenuated live vaccine – take the virus and detect it in a certain type of cells and then transfer it to another type of cell, and thus continue to transmit the virus between several types of cells, for example, eggs and then mice and then poultry and then fish, etc. So the virus becomes weak and nonviolent and when it is infused with a vaccine into our body it does not pose a danger Our immune system learns to recognize it fighting it and destroys it the system remembers the virus and so when it shows up next time it will know how to treat it.

One of the drawbacks to this method is that this vaccine is dangerous for populations where the immune system is not functioning optimally and it can make them life-threatening.

Vaccination of a killed virus – the virus is raised and after a sufficient amount of the virus is killed by heating or screening, etc.

It then infuses into the human body the immune system recognizes it and develops antibodies against our immune system that destroys the virus and sometimes remembers it.

The disadvantage of this method is that the body’s response is not always strong, so it does not go out of its way to fight the virus.

The advantage is that this type of vaccine does not pose a risk to a population with a weak immune system.

Because the vaccine development process is not short and in addition to using a vaccine to be developed in the future, there are FDA standards and a lot of brokerages such as Phase One trials and a number of steps to check some of their effects to examine side effects and more.

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